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Annual Compliance of a Private Company


A start-up organization running as a private company has to follow a number of compliance’s as laid down under various statutory bodies. These compliances being but not limited to filing of tax and ROC returns, holding of board and other meetings, maintaining books of accounts and other statutory registers.

Whether it is the Companies Act, 2013, Income Tax Act, 1961 or the Goods and Services Act stringent compliances are required to be followed if you are opting Private Company as the choice of business enterprise

The Compliance’s can be categorized as follows: –

  1. Under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Holding of Board Meetings. (at least 4 in a year)
  • Holding of Annual General Meeting
  • Annual efiling. AOC-4, MGT-7. MBP-1, DIR-8
  • Directors Report
  • Statutory Registers and Books of Accounts such as
    • Statutory Register
    • Minutes Book
    • Books of Accounts/ Financial Statement
    • Register of Directors attendance
  • Circulation of financial statement and other relevant documents.

       2.  Under Tax Laws

  • Payment of periodic dues (GST Liability, TDS & TCS payment)
  • Filing of periodic returns (monthly, Quarterly, annual returns of GST, TDS etc)
  • Assessment of advance tax liability and payment of advance tax periodically
  • Filing of income tax returns (Tax will be payable at a flat rate of 30% plus Education cess)
  • Filing of Tax Audit report

Running a business in any form is not an easy task. A lot of compliance’s are required to be followed by an enterprise, failing which can result in heavy penalties from the government authorities. RegistrationBaba helps you with all your compliances at one place. To know more drop us an email at registration@registrationbaba.com or contact us at +91 9205317101.

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