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Shifting of Registered Office



Legal Requirements for shifting of Registered Office address

Shifting of Registered Office of the Company is not as easy as it may seem. Companies Act, 2013 recognizes only one concept and that is of the Registered Office address which will be the identification of the Company for all purposes. When you are changing the same first you need to identify under which category this proposed shifting is falling: –

  1. Shifting of registered office within the local limits of the same city, town of village
  2. Shifting of registered office from the jurisdiction of one ROC to another within the same state (for eg. Maharashtra i.e. ROC Pune and ROC Mumbai and Tamil Nadu i.e. ROC Coimbatore and ROC Chennai). In this case approval of the Regional Director is required in INC-23.
  3. Shifting of registered office from one state to another. This requires the approval of Regional Director in form INC-23.

What do we do?


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